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File Sort Python

This it the main page of the File Sort Python project. Page is presently under construction

File Sort Python

Language: Python

Project Summary:
A Python script that allows you to move files form a Directory to sub-folders based on a Regular expression - useful for managing your monolithic download folder

Additional Requirements:

Project download information:

Project summary page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/filesortpython/
Project Home page: http://filesortpython.sourceforge.net

Further Plans:
I don't plan on moving the code along. Its got some flaws in how it handles the database information. ex: if you have 2 identical entries, if you modify one, the first one it finds in the database will be modified. Not necessarily the one you want. Also the method that I used to move files does not use a system call to move the file, it copies the file to its destination then deletes the original. Meaning its super slow. Its not as portable as I would like. You have to install Python Card to get it to work. Though it works great despite its limitations.

Code Time:
2 days coding and 1 day bug fixing